Our veterinary urine reagent strips utilise the same technology as human reagent strips, but detect values over different ranges which are more suitable for use in the veterinary field.

Testing parameters of all products:

Leukocytes, Nitrite, Creatinine, Microalbumin,  Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin, Glucose, Urobilinogen, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Milk Urea Nitrogen, BHB.

 vet 10bun


TC VET 10, BUN Visual test range
Glucose (mmol/L) Neg. - 110
Protein (g/L) Neg. - >20
Ketone (acetoacetic acid) (mmol/L) Neg. - 16
Blood (Cells/µ L) Neg. - 200
Bilirubin (µ mol/L) Neg. - +++ (Large)
Nitrite ( µ mol/L) Neg. - Pos  
Leukocytes (Cells/µ L) Neg. - 500
Urobilinogen (µ mol/L) 0.1 - 128 
pH  5 - 8.5 
Specific Gravity 1.000 - 1.060
Blood Urea Nitrogen (mg/dL)* 0 - 80

*convert from blood urea nitrogen to blood urea, multiply by 2.14

healthmate range2

* Photo for illustration, boxes are in english.


Healthmate VET 10, 11AC*, 2AC* Visual test range
Glucose (mmol/L) Neg. - 55 
Protein (g/L) Neg. - 10 
Ketone (acetone, acetoacetic acid) (mmol/L) Neg. - 10 
Blood (Cells/µ L) Neg. - 250 
Bilirubin (µ mol/L) Neg. - +++ 
Nitrite  Neg. - Pos  
Leukocytes (Cells/µ L) Neg. - 500
Urobilinogen (mg/dL) 0.1 - 8
pH  6 - 9 
Specific Gravity 1.000 - 1.060
Microalbumin (mg/L) 10 - 150
Creatinine (mg/dL) 10 - 300

*Healthmate VET-11AC or VET 2AC, has microalbumin and creatinine tests for the

diagnosis of early stage kidney problems in animals.


Dairy herd management

 mun 3bhb c                                                

MUN levels are closely correlated with blood urea nitrogen. It can therefore be used to monitor the protein nutritional status of dairy cows. If MUN values are high, the herd is possibly wasting feed protein along with excreting excess nitrogen into the environment. If MUN values are too low, the rumen bacteria yield can be reduced, thereby limiting milk production and milk protein yield.

The VET-MUN Reagent Strips can be used in conjunction with the BHB reagent strips, which are used to determine subclinical ketosis, a condition where the cow uses fat instead of carbohydrate as a source of energy. A high level of β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is an indication that the cow is underfed or in a late stage of lactation.


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